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Just wanted to say the top I wear is perfect!! Out of all my run tops, which are all the big named running stuff, my Truesapien is by far the best. The fit is awesome, like it’s made for me!! No massive arm holes!! Now I just need more!!


I love Truesapien apparel and what the brand is all about. Well made, comfortable and looks great.

Si Gilbert

High quality, great fitting versatile range…excellent value for money and very efficient service

Heather Ratcliffe

Comfortable, functional and long lasting, I couldn’t recommend Truesapien apparel any more highly

Matt Briscoe

What is TrueSapien

TrueSapien is the lifestyle movement for those who challenge themselves to be the best they can be by releasing their inherent traits as human beings.

TrueSapiens reject mediocrity and refuse to be average, believing that a life lived in the comfort zone is a life only part lived.

Be TrueSapien and Challenge Life!

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Wear the Truesapien brand and you are buying into more than just quality and functional gear.

You are becoming part of the unique Truesapien culture, aspiring to become the best you can be, celebrating how amazing the human body is by exploring its full potential and leading by example