Be Truesapien


TrueSapien is the lifestyle movement for those who challenge themselves to be the best they can be by releasing their inherent traits as human beings.

TrueSapiens reject mediocrity and refuse to be average, believing that a life lived in the comfort zone is a life only part lived.

Be TrueSapien and Challenge Life!


Modern technology means we no longer need to hunt, gather or fight to survive (well not literally anyway).

But are we in danger of actually DEVOLVING? By becoming creatures of habit, taking the easy road or path of least resistance at every opportunity, by following the crowd and languishing instead of striving as though our very lives depend on it, we are losing the innate abilities that made us what we are.

We should be inspiring future generations into action!


‘TrueSapien’ is the aspirational, omnipotent version of every one of us.

It is achieved by consistently challenging oneself to be better and by aligning with our natural traits, instincts and abilities as HomoSapiens to be at one with but also master of our chosen environment.

TrueSapiens use this high ground not for selfish gain but to lead by example, to inspire and encourage others, fearlessly, passionately and grittily to unleash their own TrueSapien.


A TrueSapien’s desire for improvement isn’t one that is egotistically driven.

A TrueSapien compares them self to their past self. Competition is advocated as a fantastic way to celebrate our capabilities but not at the expense of camaraderie. Encouragement is paramount.

We should be challenging ourselves to break through personal barriers rather than just taking what life offers us as we drift aimlessly along.

We should free ourselves from preconceived limitations. Set targets as high as we dare to dream.

Aim for the stars so that if you miss, you may hit a lofty mountain.