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    Many people will never appreciate the joy that running can bring to their life and one of the major reasons is they don’t know how to start.
    Yes, i guess it’s as easy as lacing up your shoes and hitting the trail or tarmac but doing just that is daunting to some and is also the cause of many newbie runners quitting in the early days due to injury.
    So what is a good training plan for new people to the running community?



    It all depends where you are coming in at. No good doing a coach to 5k if you already run 5k.

    Personally I aim to get people running 3 x a week and then increase the distance by 10 -15% a week.

    6k,5, 5
    6,6,6 etc

    Once you can run 10k 3 x week, then I would start looking at speed work and maybe making 1 run longer than the others

    10 x 200m fast / 200m jog
    10+ k (upto 21k or 2 hours )



    Nice advice Twisted701 !

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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