Physical Challenges

physical challenges

A key attribute of being ‘TrueSapien’ is the desire to ‘Challenge Life’.

Here you’ll find event reviews and previews, helpful information on various types of challenging activities like running, OCR, Triathlon, cycling, swimming and calisthenics.

Benefit from experiences shared by other TrueSapiens. Be inspired to try new things, step outside your comfort zone and push yourself further than you thought possible!

Be TrueSapien. Challenge Life.


Challenge Life. Inspire. Be TrueSapien.

Why do the majority shrink and shy away from challenge? Has this reluctance to commit to personal challenge become second ...
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Running Progress. A Perspective on PBs

What is progress anyway? I’ve been thinking a lot about the notion of ‘progression’ recently, but have I been judging ...
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Triathlon Winter Training – Strength and Conditioning Introduction

Strength and conditioning (S&C), is great for injury prevention, correcting muscle imbalances and posture. It will help you become a ...
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How I Changed My Running Style

Soon after I started running, I got hooked on looking for ways to improve. I dived straight in to running ...
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Challenge Life – A Lifestyle Choice

What does being ‘TrueSapien’ and living a ‘Challenging Life’ mean to me? It’s more than just about aiming to be ...
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